Advanced analytics & integration for your videos, presentations & documents

Incorporate our capabilities into your own solutions as an agency, reseller or software provider.

1 Step 1 - Upload your videos, slide decks & documents

Upload videos, PDFs and documents from your computer or other websites

2 Step 2 - Distribute them from the LoopLogic web app

Email, share & embed trackable videos, presentations & PDFs

3 Step 3 - Collect analytics & send leads to your CRM

Measure results & integrate events with your CRM or virtually any other platform

What LoopLogic Does for you

Your team will rejoice

All your important videos, documents and presentations in one centralized place

Point your team to the LoopLogic powered repository and keep everybody in the loop. Marketing can upload their latest collateral while the sales team uploads their pitches and sales presentations. Combine them both and send the client a curated and tracked microsite that shows them what you have, and you what they looked at.

document and collateral repository
Slice, dice and serve

Distribute your media to any platform or device

Push single pieces of content to clients, or bundle them for a curated page. Share them via social media channels or email them directly to contacts. You can also embed a LoopLogic player anywhere with a simple copy/paste from our admin.

Distribute to via sharing, emailing and embeding
Its like magic

Identify and gather details about your audience

You can see the names of the people who look at content and see their progression and engagement. Know who's hot and who's not. Set up automation to send them followups emails or add them to a CRM or mass email list based on events.

Know the names of who is seeing your content
Elementary dear watson

Measure the effectiveness of your content, distribution channels and strategies

Know what distribution channels are successful and pieces of collateral are not. See when people start to tune out and what parts are highly engaging. Content analytics will give you an intelligence on your content strategies with insights on impressions, engagement, leads and conversions.

Plays well with others

Seamless integration into your workflow and tools

Plug LoopLogic into your marketing automation platform, load up your CRM with leads and have it build your mass email mailing list. If you are missing a piece of the puzzle, LoopLogic can fill in the gaps as a simple MAP / CRM.

"A great product for sharing media and presentations. The recordings turned out really, really great. The online player, which combines slides, speaker camera and demos in one experience, is awesome."
Scott Guthrie, Corporate EVP of Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft
"It was a snap to archive and resell content from our annual event. We used a variety of the workbench tools and a ton of the measurement and integration features. In the end, we actually made a profit on our investment."
Kathy Sacks, former VP Marketing, Infusionsoft
"LoopLogic is easily the best tool that I've used to manage online and mobile media. Whether I'm sharing it via email or embedding it on my site, LoopLogic is my tool of choice"
David Kalstrom, CEO, Outbound Excellence

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